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Random thoughts about eCommerce & Magento, Symfony2, privacy & sysadmin.

CTO at Gemmyo & co-founder at Kialy. Paris, France.

This blog is accessible through Tor on http://drwkoc5lok6lhwsn.onion/.

Setting up a Tor website on Debian with nginx or Apache

tor sysadmin nginx

A quick how-to on hosting a website through Tor with nginx or Apache.

Stop the WebRTC leak in Chrome 42+

webrtc chrome privacy

Want to protect your real IP address when using a VPN and Chrome, fix the WebRTC leak now !

Setup gearman on Debian 7

zend php gearman libgearman

Manually install gearman to be able to use the last version with the pecl extension

Handle multiple Magento websites or stores with nginx

webdev magento nginx

A quick tip to show you how to configure nginx vhost for a multiple url Magento webshop.

Setup mailparse extension on ZendServer

zend php mailparse

As you may have notice, pecl/mailparse requires mbstring to compile. Even if mbstringis loaded you may get an error.